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Jiaxing Sini Fastener Co.,Ltd.

JIAXING SINI FASTENER CO.,LTD is a chinese manufacturer of fastening and fixing elements (all kind of bolts,screws and studs). We own two factories in haiyan and represent more than 50 workers – 20 sets of cold forming machines; We keep in our stock (100 tones) a large range of products. Quality, flexibility and innovation are our main competitive advantages with keeping competitive prices.
Our products are designed for professionals from industry and construction sectors, with the possibility of manufacturing special parts.

The main products :

Bolt : carriage bolt. hex flange bolt, hex bolt,.guard rail bolt. special  bolt

Screw: hex lag screw, hook screw.

Bent bolts: U-bolt, J-bolt, L BOLT

Stud: double end stud, single end stud. threaded stud,Threaded rod.

Business Type: Annual Output Value: Year Established:2004 Enterprise Nature:Manufacturer
Main Products:
Cup Head Bolts,Hex Flange Bolts,Hex Nuts With Flange,Lock Nuts,Hex Nuts,Spring Slice Nuts,Chipboard Screws,Cross Recessed Screws,Self-drilling Screws,Cross Recessed Tapping Screws,Hex Tapping Screws,Spring Lock Washers,Rods,Double End Studs,Hex Bolts,Plain Washers
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