2020 China Fastener Show(Online) 10-18 Aug 2020
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About the Show

2020 China Fastener Show (Online)


Exhibition Name: 2020 China Fastener Show (Online)

Exhibition Time:  August 10-18, 2020 


Expected scale:   Exhibitors: 500, Visitors: 50,000


COVID-19 blocks normal international exchanges, and exhibitions around the world have either been postponed or canceled. In this case, the Ministry of Commerce issued a call to actively build a new online exhibition platform and promote innovation of exhibition formats. Under this trend, makes full use of 16-year experience in B2B platform operation and 11-year experience in holding Fastener Expo Shanghai, devotes all efforts to organize the first China fastener show (online) in history.


The first China Fastener Show (Online) will formally open on August 10, 2020. This online exhibition will give full play to the advantages of Internet technology, and realize the functions and scenes of offline exhibition. Through the form of online exhibition, China Fastener Show links the needs of upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad, helps the fastener industry to embrace change and turn crisis into opportunity.


China Fastener Show provides all day online data exhibition hall, live video, real-time negotiation, supply and procurement connection, real-time transaction, online activities and other scenes. Through the multi language version of the online exhibition booth shop, the enterprise conducts multi-form, multi-dimensional and convenient display to create an interactive and immersive shopping experience for visitors. In addition, the exhibition set up multiple business extension mechanisms, such as exchange of E-business card and E-catalog, etc., to improve the brand exposure of enterprises, and to provide more valuable information.


It is expected that more than 500 fastener manufacturing enterprises, including equipment mould enterprises and other related enterprises, will participate in this show. Special zones such as Haiyan cross border exhibition area, brand area and 1-to-1 communication area are created so that buyers can quickly find suitable suppliers according to their needs. Meanwhile, a series of wonderful online activities will be held, such as face to face online purchase meeting, keynote speech, live broadcast, etc.


There is no doubt that this is a new form of exhibition for fastener industry, combining demonstration, negotiation, communication and learning.


Scope of Exhibits

1. Finished Fasteners

Standard fasteners, Non-Standard fasteners, Automobile fasteners, High-strength fasteners, Building fasteners, Stamping parts, Lathe parts, and fastener products in various professional application fields, etc.


2. Related Products and Services

Fastener production equipment, Fastener materials, Fastener molds and consumption goods, Testing machines, Packaging equipment, etc.

Online Exhibition Advantages

Travel free, 9 days * 24 hours, anytime, anywhere, making your participation cost lower

Diversified exhibitors and exhibits, comprehensive industry trend information and rich online interactive experience

Big data precisely matches supply and demand, and subdivided products precisely search to make user profile clearer

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