2020 China Fastener Show(Online) 10-18 Aug 2020
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Exhibitor List of China Fastener Show (Online)

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Exhibitor List of China Fastener Show (Online)
Booth No.A1001
Main Products:bolts, nuts, washers, screws
Changshu Standard Parts Factory
Booth No.A1002
Main Products:bolts, screws, nuts, studs
Booth No.A1003
Main Products:carbon steel fasteners
Zhejiang Tongming
Booth No.A2001
Main Products:stainless steel fasteners
Dongtai QB Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Booth No.A2002
Main Products:stainless steel fasteners
Jiangsu Perfect Precision Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.A2003
Main Products:stainless bolts, screws, anchors
Shanghai Shangdian Washer Co., Ltd.
Booth No.A3002
Main Products:washers
China EPU Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Booth No.A4001
Main Products:automobile part
Booth No.A4002
Main Products:PEM fasteners
Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co.,  Ltd.
Booth No.A4007
Main Products:rivets
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